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The Record Store Day Podcast with Paul Myers

Nov 19, 2019

Since we only drop new shows every two weeks, this episode is our last chance to feature some of the exciting RSD Black Friday Exclusive Releases out on November 29. This is Episode 3, and fittingly, we have THREE great guests to talk about their wares. Legendary English producer Nick Lowe chats about the 40th anniversary RSD edition of "Cruel To Be Kind" a two-sided single featuring the original 1979 hit backed with the remake he did with Wilco. Lisa Loeb talks about her RSD 25th anniversary limited release of "Stay (I Missed You)" backed with four never-before-released live cuts recorded in 2013 with Nine Stories, and producer Steven Mandel (The Tonight Show, The Roots, Elvis Costello) talks about Todd Rundgren's RSD exclusive single "Bang Bang," part of a larger collection of Squeeze covers that Mandel has been putting together. So much great music, and you'll hear excerpts of all of it. Sponsored once again by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (