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The Record Store Day Podcast with Paul Myers

Apr 30, 2024

English/Irish composer and arranger Sean O'Hagan (Microdisney, Stereolab) is perhaps best known as the visionary behind The High Llamas, whose second album Gideon Gaye (1994) blended a healthy respect for the harmonic tableaus of both Brian Wilson and Steely Dan with a delicate UK pop sound reminiscent of his contemporaries such as Prefab Sprout.

On the brand new High Llamas album, Hey Panda, (featuring guests including Fryars, and Bonny "Prince" Billy) O'Hagan has been absorbing many of the production tricks of contemporary hip-hip records from the likes of Tyler The Creator or Solange, while retaining most of the melodic tendencies that first endeared High Llamas' fans to his music. As you'll hear, O'Hagan cares deeply about keeping his ear to the ground for the new while honoring the past. It's a great conversation. 

And Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton returns after a highly successful Record Store Day 2024. 

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