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The Record Store Day Podcast with Paul Myers

Jul 26, 2022

Craig Finn (from The Hold Steady) on deceptive memory, unreliable self-narrators, and his new solo album A Legacy Of Rentals.

Ex-Jellyish members Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Tim Smith talk about their recent work in The Lickerish Quartet.

Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton checks in from RSD HQ in Raleigh,...

Jul 12, 2022

Stars' Torquil Campbell looks into the rear view mirror at the events leading up to Stars' lovely and melancholic new album, From Capleton Hill.
All three Blake Babies - Juliana Hatfield, Freda Love Smith, and John Strohm celebrate a new reissue of their 1990 indie classic, Sunburn.
Bill Kopp talks about his new book...